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Valentines Day, Another Challenge!

Happy Valentines Day, Another Challenge!!

Oh yeah!!!!   Valentines Day is coming.  We have finally finished, and hopefully survived the “holiday” calorie traps, now we must stand strong on chocolate hearts, pastries,  and other expressions of love from people who care about us.   Question is,  do they know about us?

Do not find blame in others for giving gifts of sweet affection from those who do not know our  resolution or nutritional limitations.  Be polite and thankful someone thought of you and is following tradition, after all, who’s ever heard of giving a heart shape box of fruits and vegetables, or a bouquet of celery stalks.  Simply accept with a smile and a thank you, maybe take one of your favorite out of the box,  and then spread the happiness by opening the box to others in the office, or at the house.

Yes, this, my friends, is called will-p0wer, but remember that resolution, the one about starting your healthy life making smart decisions?  It really gives you a sense of power and a feeling of “you” are in control of this.   After all, 2 year olds and animals have no self control, you are different, you DO!   You’re  a smart, adult learning how to take care of yourself and being a smart example for your family.  Sure, some one who loves you could give you flowers, but they die quickly, and can be expensive, or jewelry, now that last forever, and yes can be expensive,  but no, they choose to buy you something they know you’ll love, not realizing this too, last forever, on your thighs and  hips, and most probably in your blood work, making your next MD appt very uncomfortable.    Another option is a fine dinner out, some nice restaurant with elegant atmosphere.  Personally, this is  my favorite because I am confident in my meal choices and knowledge of foods.  It can be a disaster if you get carried away with sauces and creams and all the extras, another reason to get educated on nutrition, it’s liberating to know what you can and shouldn’t eat.  Please refer to my article  on Nutrition Traps.

When in doubt, hold to your convictions,  choose the cuddly, cute teddy bear.  He’s the safest choice, hands down.


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