Breaking Tradition!….


Breaking Tradition

I realize one of the biggest deals of the Holidays are the family traditions, especially when it comes to the meals.  In this day and age, however, with obesity running rampant, Type 2 Diabetes next in line, not to mention high cholesterol, high blood pressure and numerous food allergies,  wouldn’t it be a “special Holiday gift”  to your family,  if you could introduce them to foods that will not clog an artery,  or raise  blood pressure, or especially spike someones blood sugar out the roof after the meal is done.

Sure, we all “cheat” during the Holidays, but learning the alternatives is setting a good example for the younger generations, and showing your favorite diabetic that you were thinking of them during  meal planning  too.  Introduce a few items at a time, we wouldn’t want to shock tradition, however, how can any of them be mad that you are looking out for their health.  As I mentioned in  “Let the Holidays Begin”,   I usually bring a “safe” dish that I know will not affect my sugar negatively, and for  whoever cares to partake, of course with the appropriate “bad sauces and dips” on the side.  We Americans really do put to much emphasis on food.

This article was on Yahoo homepage, by Sarah B Weir, “Everything Guide to Entertainment”, Nov 26, 2013,  with great substitutes for some incredibly sinister side dishes served on the Holidays, and I say sinister not only because of calories and fat count,  but because of the additives, preservatives  and chemical parts in the ingredient labels which few people read.

“With a few tweaks, you can still enjoy an indulgent, satisfying, and delicious meal without going, shall we say, hog wild. Here are the biggest calorie bombs per serving and lighter alternatives—if you made all these swaps, you would save more than 4,000 calories!!! Skip: Mixed Nuts 442 calories per half cup, Splurge: Shrimp Cocktail 183 calories per cup. Skip Mashed Potatoes With Cream and Butter 305 calories per 3/4 cup, Splurge: Roast Potatoes With Olive Oil and Herbs 141 calories per 2/3 cup. Skip: Green Bean Casserole 375 calories per cup.  Splurge: Green Beans With Caramelized Onions and Walnuts 131 calories per 3/4 cup. Skip: Creamed Onions 328 calories per 3/4 cup.  Splurge: Sauteed Brussels Sprouts 100 calories per 3/4 cup.  Skip: Candied Sweet Potatoes 587 calories per 2/3 cup, Splurge: Roasted Sweet Potatoes 96 calories per 1/2 cup.  Skip: Turkey with Gravy 71 calories per 1/2 cup and Sausage Stuffing 610 calories per cup, Splurge: Turkey With Fresh Cranberry Sauce 40 calories per 1/4 cup,  Skip: Chocolate Pecan Pie With Whipped Cream 850 calories per 1/8 whole pie,  Splurge: Pumpkin Pie 316 calories per 1/8 whole pie.

Now I can see  my family’s faces right now, IF they read this, but if you reread the above measurements,  how many people stop at the 1/2,  3/4, or 2/3s cup of anything, so these numbers are actually fewer than what is consumed.  They laugh at me for my eating habits, and say that I have to eat this way, well guess what, “No, I don’t”, but I love my family and wish they could all eat healthier.  My mom was successful several years ago when she wanted to lose weight, we bought her books on carbs counting, kind of a modified South Beach Diet.  She lost and looked great in her “bejeweled pocket jeans”, she was early 70s at the time,  and thankfully my niece watches what she allows her baby girl to eat, hopefully, instilling “healthy” eating habits that she will grow into.    If you love your family, you should give it a try, a little at a time.


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4 Responses to “Breaking Tradition!….”

  1. Pascalle says:

    Eating home scratch prepared food is the best, you know the products and what you put in it. For our dinner today we have oven roasted sprouts, oven roasted fresh green topped carrots, a fresh mushroom dish instead of stuffing. Our indulgence is the mash potatoes but we have celeriac in them too…eating fresh and healthy is not a sacrifice, its a way of living healthy. Enjoy.

  2. DebbMcHugh says:

    You sound much more disciplined than I could ever hope to be, but instead of scaring people about ALL the unhealthy things we are used to eating, that are in our grocery stores and restaurants, I was looking for a healthier compromise, giving an easy way to get started. I’m hoping for even small changes, smaller portions, and just knowing what is in their dish is a good way to begin for most. I listen to the meals you and Joe prepare, all mouth watering and awesome.

  3. Erica says:

    I am constantly questioned by people as to why I don’t want her to have all the french fries or why i don’t give her that second piece of birthday cake or the thirteenth cracker…. its very frustrating but I hope that it will instill a sense of eating well while indulging in moderation. Some people just don’t understand. Thank you Aunt Deb for the compliment, coming from you, it means a ton!

    • debb mchugh says:

      Over the years, I have just learned to quietly do my own thing, when at home, luckily Pat wants to eat like me, and since I do the cooking, easy. When out, hopefully people have other things to focus on. And I can leave the table not feeling like crap…I hate that over stuffed feeling. You bring up Baby girl the way you ser fit…it should become second nature to her. She can make up her own mind when she’s older…set the foundation..

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