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Diabetes Mellitus: Causes, Management, And Tips To Keep It At Bay


Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body makes use of glucose, a form of sugar, which is our major source of energy. We acquire glucose from the food we eat and when it gets into our bloodstream, our pancreas generates a hormone known as insulin that assists the sugar to get inside our cells for use as energy. However, if one has diabetes mellitus, the body either cannot create sufficient insulin, which is the cause of type 1 diabetes, or the insulin no longer works as expected because the cells are no longer sensitive to it, which typifies type 2 diabetes. Either way, the glucose is unable to enter the cells normally, and thus the concentration of sugar in the blood increases, which brings about several symptoms. Read more »

Diabetes: be proactive!!

A diagnosis of “diabetes” may be over-whelming at first, as it should be.  This means a whole new way of life for  most, but in a good way.    Many I work with in a Health Care facility have said to feel “scared”, “surprised” and/or disbelieving.  Why?!  It surprises me that in this day and age, if you can read, listen to news, or even pay attention to others, it should not be a shock to learn you are in danger of this diagnosis if you do not pay attention to your diet.   If you are over weight, especially around the abdomen, (Metabolic Syndrome)  if you eat food with a longer ingredient list than a short novel, with words you cannot pronounce, then you should  not eat it.  We Americans eat whatever is within our reach, which is usually not the healthy food.  If it can be left out without danger of spoiling, you should ask yourself  why?  I wonder how much preservative is in this.  The answer SHOULD NOT be surprising.

Type 1 diabetes is pretty straight forward, our pancreas stops producing insulin for what ever reason, (popular belief is auto-immune related) to carry the  glucose in our blood  to our muscles, brain and other areas it is needed.  Hence, insulin injections, no other options.    Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, has many causes, but in short, insulin is not assisting in glucose uptake by the cells leading to insulin resistance.  Type 2 is not always due to being over weight, there is thought to be a genetic component to Type 2,  however, obesity is the most prevalent and easiest one to correct…push away from the table.  Others with Type 2 can have poor use of insulin,  not enough produced,  or simply the pancreas has over-spent its production and can no longer cover the carbs ingested.  No matter the reason our bodies have dropped the ball, however,  we are still in charge of what we eat and the energy we put out daily to make a change in this diagnosis, lessen the amount of meds needed to lower our sugar,  take charge of our own health.   Keep in contact with your health care professionals, however, the best medicine for this is education.   Be proactive, it’s your life to live and learn.   Read all you can, ask other “healthy” diabetics for advice and just keep Moderation in mind when eating.  If I had a choice of fixing my diabetes w/diet and exercise rather than an insulin pump 24/7,  gee, let’s see, which would I choose?

It takes a bit of effort to avoid a life time of diabetes complications, which will also, but not in a good way, change your life forever.  Do the smart thing,  learn about your condition, keep journals early on,  how different foods affect your BS, how activity lessens your glucose readings, and be aware of how you feel when blood sugars are dropping.  Hypoglycemia (low blood sugars) can be a scary feeling, however, easily corrected.  These are all things you should learn as a diabetic to stay on top of your game, and stay proactive.

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