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Nutrition Traps

Nutrition Traps

It’s easy to go out to dinner and choose their “healthy choices” menu items, however, the most important question to ask is,  “healthy for whom?”  Of course, being a PWD for 45 yrs, I would naturally go for foods offering;  a.) less sugar,  b.)less fat,  c.)less carbohydrates,  d.)less fried,  and/or e.)less calories…???  The “healthy options are endless, and for the unknowing person, it can all be overwhelming.  This is why I stress “educating yourself”  learn to read nutrition labels on packages, learn the differences in fats, good carbs/bad carbs, and most importantly, learn that you are not protected by FDA who allows companies to make  false claims on food labels who say they are healthy if they fit “their”  guidelines of healthy.  (such as GMOs).  

Well, here are the  quickest solutions to this trick  question;   a.)  if there is less fat, there will be  more sugar added  for flavor,   b.)  if there  is less sugar, there will be more fat added for flavor,  c.) if there is a carb count, is it simple or complex carbs they’re eliminating,  or is it  the “other carbs”??  d.) pick broiled or baked  over fried anytime, however, if it must be fried, inquire on the kind of oil they are using,  e) less calories means almost nothing today,  unless you are sincerely using your calorie counter with each and everything you put  in your mouth, if it is one of those food “casserole” with hundreds of calories where someone could not decide which bad thing to put in, so they put  it all in,  just  SAY NO!  The point to know about fats;  saturated is the worst,  HINT, saturated is the fat that when left in room temperature, it forms a spongy, grayish layer over the top as it cools,  yumm!!  Followed by Trans fats,   Mono and polyunsaturated fat is safest, they are plant based not animal or chemical.    When doing your own cooking, (always the healthiest choice, but I know, it’s hard to find time) use pure virgin Olive Oil, and side note,  have been doing my own research on news of margarine being one molecule away from plastic, I am now convinced this is over exaggerated, however I will still use butter in small amounts.

When reading those nutrition labels,  make your self familiar with “serving size”  or servings  per container mainly because this is the number you must  multiply all the other numbers with for an accurate count.  I have a good appetite, some single serving containers that I could eat in an instant,  are actually packaged for 2 people, so those numbers must be doubled.  Yeah, it’s all a trick to make it appear healthy.

What about all those healthy yogurt commercials, yikes, don’t get me started.   The healthy weight, fat and sugar free variety may have no fat, but they are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, for added sweetness, (reread paragraph 2), which if you read my earlier post, is horrible for you. (Fructose, the Other Evil, 10/17/2013)  Syrupy fruits added, HFCS as well.  Probiotic yogurts fail to tell you that during the high heat processing, all the probiotic organism are killed, this in turn negates the “good” of the probiotics.    One solution given is getting Organic Plain Greek Yogurt, add some real honey, some fresh fruit and I add flaxseed for a nutty taste,  and enjoy.    Processed foods, chemical additives, some you don’t even realize are  chemicals, and sugar substitutes are all things to monitor.    This can, and should be done to keep you and your family healthy for many more years. (and it teaches good habits to youngsters.)

Guardian Angel or Hubby?

Guardian Angel or Husband

Relationships can be difficult under the best circumstances, especially new ones.  Imagine one where a young,  single guy can’t figure out why his  new girl is always leaving the dinner table or picnic area alone before meals, won’t snack on movie munchies without leaving the room first.  She seems normal most times, enjoys outdoor activities, dancing,  movies, gatherings with friends and even watching sports with you and your buddies.   It’s almost like she hiding something from you but you can’t figure it out,  is she doing drugs?  Binge and purge, only that would be after eating!  And why during or after extended activities or outings does she become flustered and confused, unable to complete a single train of thought?  He was not aware I was checking my blood glucose levels.

Well, my better half, Pat,  since 1987 learned through living it with me, the “life and times” of the PWD.   My husband, who can be described best as a busy and dedicated man in his field, took on the life of  living with a Type 1 diabetic who initially new little, but was determined to learn all she could.  Fortunately for me, so did Pat.  Together we learned what I should and shouldn’t, could and wouldn’t, and well, O.K. maybe I will,  do things.  The hardest part is my diabetes did not read the owner’s manual on what will work and what won’t.  Luckily, my husband learned the signs and symptoms of  low blood sugars, and has saved me many times, despite my fighting and cursing that ” I AM FINE.”

I did not have insurance, we were not married yet, however, he did not back down when it came to helping me attain what I needed.  Initially, it was not  much, as I was pretty self sufficient and healthy PWD, however, as things mature, relationships, knowledge and unfortunately our bodies,  so does wear and tear.  My low blood sugars took on “new and exciting” characteristics.  Soon I could talk and communicate with no slurring or tripping over words, or fragmented thoughts at blood sugar readings in the 30s.  This began to concern Pat, I no longer broke out in sweats.   This caused me to have to test twice as much, because when I did goof up, it “HAD” to be low sugar.

I certainly cannot fault Pat for his concern.  Imagine having someones life in your hands  even when that other person does not realize it!  I have  regained consciousness, standing in the bathtub, in my pajamas, with a glass of juice in my hands.  Dripping wet from sweat with Pat holding a cold wash cloth for me, never judging.   I have become aware of someone talking in our bedroom, apologizing for having to have called the EMTs, repeating, “I know you’re gonna be mad, but I couldn’t wake you”, over and over.  I would look at him pacing with the phone in one hand, a blood monitor in the other,  and the taste of juice in my mouth.  I could move or speak well, but he was always so happy to see I was responding.  It breaks my heart that I cause him this pain, and I try to make him realize how much he means to me.

Hopefully, we all have our guardian angels close by.  That we all were able to grow and  learn together what to do, what to watch for and how to respond.  This is not a single persons disease,  but one that requires someone to monitor at times, especially if the PWD is trying to live a healthy lifestyle and live a long time.  Low blood sugars  are a serious event, causing immediate effects and requiring immediate attention.  Telling the people you love, the people you work with, or the people you hang with is of the utmost importance for these reasons.

Helpful Diabetes Information That Everyone Should Know

Helpful Information Everyone Should Know.

The word diabetes conjures up fear for many people. What is needed to combat this fear is knowledge that can help you to control and live with this illness. Compilations of tips like the ones you’re about to read will be very encouraging. They are a powerful tool you can use to fight the damages of uncontrolled diabetes.

Eating fiber aids in assisting carbohydrates out of your system once consumed, as well as sugars found in your system, all of which help to maintain  healthy blood sugar level. Fiber can be found in many grains, vegetables, fruits and other foods, as well as adding ground Flax Seed to cereals, oatmeal, yogurts and smoothies.   Maintaining  healthy blood sugar levels not only helps prevent diabetes but also helps offset diabetic symptoms and complications after you are already diagnosed.  Make sure you have plenty of fiber in your diet.

If you have Type 2  diabetes, you should avoid the temptation of changing your medication without first talking to your doctor. There are numerous oral medication choices out there right now, and yes, they are all designed for the same reason; lowering blood sugar, however, they all work through different ways in your system.  Some increase insulin release by stimulating your pancreas, some allow carbs to bypass absorption in colon, while other assist in desensitizing insulin receptors, and that is only a small example.  It can be dangerous to experiment on your own because some, but not all, oral meds can cause serious hypoglycemia, or dangerously low blood sugars. Therefore, you need to talk to your doctor, and find out what options he or she suggests for you.  Take your medicine exactly as prescribed. If your medication is not doing a good job in keeping your glucose levels low, resist the impulse to take more of the medication to compensate. Recheck your meals plans and carb intake and make sure your meds are taken at the right times.   Read more »

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