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Reliable Tips to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes


In order to prevent type 2 diabetes, people should make some basic lifestyle changes. Maintaining good health is one excellent way to guard against an array of adverse health conditions. Men and women who are overweight should first speak with a certified medical professional, who can help them find a path to weight loss and healthy meal planning. People who work closely with a personal trainer should be able to shed those excess pounds. In the process, they will be lessening their chances for diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer. If any of these health issues run in the family, then individuals should be especially careful with their overall health and fitness.

Some experts indicate that incidences of type 2 diabetes are higher among people who eat meat. This does not mean that men and women have to give up meat completely. However, replacing beef and chicken with beans and leafy green vegetables a couple of times per week certainly will not hurt. Nutritionists can supply interested parties with some exact charts that will show people what they should be eating on a daily basis. Leafy greens, in particular, are chalk full of antioxidants, which minimize free radicals within the body and ultimately promote better health. Read more »

Diabetes Mellitus: Causes, Management, And Tips To Keep It At Bay


Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body makes use of glucose, a form of sugar, which is our major source of energy. We acquire glucose from the food we eat and when it gets into our bloodstream, our pancreas generates a hormone known as insulin that assists the sugar to get inside our cells for use as energy. However, if one has diabetes mellitus, the body either cannot create sufficient insulin, which is the cause of type 1 diabetes, or the insulin no longer works as expected because the cells are no longer sensitive to it, which typifies type 2 diabetes. Either way, the glucose is unable to enter the cells normally, and thus the concentration of sugar in the blood increases, which brings about several symptoms. Read more »

Fructose…the other “evil” ??

taken from "Life Extension Magazine"  Oct 2013, pg 73, by Roman Hartley

taken from “Life Extension Magazine” Oct 2013, pg 73, by Roman Hartley

1. from;  “Life Extension Magazine”,  Oct 2013, pg. 73

Well,  just to complicate matters a bit more on sweeteners,   there is new controversy on the use of  Fructose , a natural sweetener derived from plant sources,  what could be better…apparently, fructose in large amounts, can be very harmful, one publication even called it toxic,  and  a key factor in the development of metabolic syndrome.  Life Extension Magazine reports;  “like a toxin, fructose is metabolized almost exclusively in the liver, where it is converted into dangerous byproducts (such as excess lipids and uric acid), and like a toxin, fructose has direct harmful effects(glycation) on tissues throughout the body.”1

Of course we all should eat fresh fruit that we have deemed safe  within our given meal plan or calorie count, however, if you are a label reader (which we ALL should be),  take note on how many products (especially processed) have high fructose corn syrup in them.  If you add every last mg from each and everything you put in your mouth, you  may be shocked.   Limiting yourself to less than 25 grams per day is said to be the “safe”  number and  can be helpful in avoiding  metabolic syndrome which can be a precursor to Type II  diabetes.  When reading labels, it is important to pay attention to the serving size , or servings per container as this is where we can easily get into trouble.  How many of us open a “snack bag”  or what looks like a single serving of  a particular soft drink, only to learn it serves 2 !!!   As with all things, if it taste sweet and is not a natural fruit,  it probably has a high fructose count.

The table below summarizes what has been found to be true of  fructose;


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