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It came to  my attention while reading some updates on nutritional info, that the EU, or European Union’s food safety watchdogs, have been looking into the safety issues of aspartame.   Coincidentally, this was after sales in major soft drink company’s sales have shrunk,  (meaning people really are paying attention),  they have decided after several of the most “comprehensive risk assessments of aspartame ever undertaken”  that if consumed as directed (dosage??) it is safe.

This is the opinion of  Alicja Mortensen, chairwoman of EFSA’s Panel on Food Additives and NutrientSources Added to Foods or (ANS Panel).  It has found “no evidence of safety concerns at the current EU “acceptable daily intake”  (ADI) level for aspartame of 40 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of body weight.   Here is how one would figure a “safe” amount of aspartame;  One can of diet soda contains on average 180 milligrams of aspartame, meaning an adult weighing 75 kilograms can drink up to 16 cans per day to exceed the EU’s safe level.  the US’s allowable daily intake is slightly higher at 50 mg/kg.  However this does not take into account all the aspartame added to just about every thing else we eat and drink, without us realizing it.

Do the math for yourself, actually, I’m horrible at math, especially the metric system, it’s just easier on my mind and physical well being that I don’t partake in the aspartame experiment which continues to go on.

(This info was from Rutgers on 12/10/13…EU food safety body sees no new health risk from aspartame. 

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