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The  ”diabetes” category of this site where the following piece can be found,  consists of a lot of other important pieces of content and information for virtually any search you are thinking about, regardless of whether it is diabetes, you will find either the below piece of writing or many others contained in the same category valuable, as we are all acquainted with someone with diabetes.  Do not hesitate to discuss your feelings, recommendations and difficulty with us. Your opinion will certainly help!

If the doctor tells you that your diabetes may have been avoidable to a certain degree, whether due to weight, poor diet, lack of activity or genetics,  you tell them that the issue now is “what can I do about it”  how can I control it, who can help me with a nutritional plan and ask him for your choices of  meds if needed, do not just take the first prescription offered, do your home work.  Some Type 2 oral medications have been found to have horrible side effects,  some, like Metformin, actually assist i n weight loss, look them up on the internet, do your homework, don’t just take them and wait for the side effects to happen.  This will demonstrate your sincerity in taking control of your own health.

Insulin resistance occurs when the insulin receptor sites in your body no longer accept and allow the insulin where it is needed.  Insulin is the hormone made in the pancreas which carries glucose from your blood into muscles and organs needing it for energy. Instead, glucose stays in your blood,  sticking to muscles and joints (glycation) creating all kinds of trouble for later.   That is how a lot of people who have Type 2 Diabetes for long periods of time without knowing, first learn they have it,  slow healing wounds, (bacteria loves glucose), poor circulation, poor vision and it snowballs until they finally are diagnosed, sometimes just in time to save a limb, other times not so lucky.  If you have it already, please stick close to the specialist and learn what you may do to deal with it.

Not everyone who suffers from diabetes dies from it.   Hopefully, some of the articles in this site will make you stop and say,  ”Heck, thats me”  and if she can do it, so can I.  You ought to seek out those people who have done well with their own and are willing to share some insite, and help you find your way to live despite diabetes, not just with it. .

Hopefully the information presented so far about diabetes has been applicable. You might also want to keep reading so that you will discover more interesting tips that you previously didn’t know about.  That said, keep reading the rest of this article.

Do not get discouraged by bad news; take the information by the horns, look it is the face, and tell it that you will win.  You can do everything right, by the books as planned and still have a bad reading for unknown reasons. As an endocrinologist once told me, there are numerous reactions in our body that occur by the minute which can affect our blood sugar, we can control only 4;  Diet, Activity, Medication, and to a small extent, our Emotions.

There are people who have died due to complications that arose from diabetes. There is no reason however for that to be your own story. Stay with the program, and include a little heart of your own, and you might be the miracle woman just yet. Anything is possible.

Given that you are done with going through the above diabetes info, I need to ask you – it wasn’t that challenging to read through and understand, was it? And you’ve earned an abundance of awareness, just from using precious time to study an expert’s word on tips about diabetes told us they considered them both useful and interesting.  If you are truly set on taking control of your life, you will read more of these articles, especially helpful is the article on being Proactive, this is what it is all about.  Remember,  you are not a DIABETIC,  your are a person with diabetes, (PWD).   Makes it more tasteful doesn’t it!

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  1. dmchugh says:

    After living decades of your life, your way, eating what you want at any time of day or night, a diagnosis of Diabetes, usually Type 2 is a life changer, but only for the better. You will, if you allow yourself, learn to eat healthy and responsibly, hopefully become more active and lose weight and hopefully encourage family members to eat the same. The “Diabetes Diet” is not just for diabetics, but for people who want to take care of themselves, live a long time and enjoy feeling healthy again.

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