Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

Yes, the Holidays are upon us.  Shopping, decorating, eating,  spending, cooking, eating,  planning, visiting, eating.  See a pattern here?  Food, and I use the term losely, will be available and offered continuously.  Most, however, is  fat, high fructose corn syrup,  and sugar filled snacks, treats and desserts.  Sure someone worked hard to make them,  with love I’m sure, however, if the person preparing these goodies really cares, they will not be insulted by your refusal, or your “O.K., but just a bite”, reply, and more importantly, they should not even try to make us feel guilty for not indulging.

This time of year is a good excuse for cheating, and we all do, yes, even me!!!!  We must, however, choose our cheats carefully, not just one of each, or, I’ll starve myself tomorrow.  Homemade foods, desserts especially, are very hard to guesstimate the carb load and the numerous other ingredient that will raise that blood sugar number up, not to  mention blood fats, blood pressure, ets.  If we could just not feel like we are being punished or ripped-off because we should not eat it all, and work on a mind-set of being thankful that we have a legitimate  excuse, or easy out, for not packing on the pounds, or feeling  bloated or stuffed.  Yes, it is a whole new mind set, I’ve been working on it for many years, but it works for me.   The important people I’m around understand, the others I really don’t care if they do.  Ignorance runs amok when it comes to good, safe foods and snacks, and you can see it in appearances.

Be safe this Holiday, be careful to use moderation, and if it makes the cavities  in your teeth hurt to eat it,  watch out!!!

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  1. Jackie G says:

    Food. The new frontier. Or maybe just our bourgening enlightenment about it.
    We should certainly be not only tolerant but validating of everyone’s choices about their diet whether made with health in mind or even out of social conscience.
    If someone is vegan/vegetarian, respect their choice. Don’t say,”but you’ll have some turkey for Thanksgiving won’t you??” Or, if someone may be gluten intolerant, why not educate yourself so you may understand JUST HOW MANY FOOD CHOICES that eliminates from a diet.(these are my personal favorite examples of prior misunderstandings about diet with friends, actually MOSTLY FAMILY!)
    Fortunately,we as a society are becoming more ‘food enlightened’even if it sometimes means getting SICK to achieve that level of understanding.

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