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Diabetes Health, You’re In Charge..

Diabetes Health, Your in Charge.

This evening on the yahoo face page, (April 14, 2014) an interesting article on the new Affordable Care Act (ACA/ObamaCare)  and diabetics.  The focus is to prevent complications of Type 2 diabetes before it destroys a life OR  costs the insurance company a fortune.   Well,  hallelujah ,  I have been saying this for years.  If they could have  made our simple basic supplies affordable, with or without insurance,  many complications could have been avoided earlier.

However in this article, apparently it helps those who are already ravaged by the disease, or have been too stubborn to change bad habits.  They focused on a 62 year old woman, who for years struggled with her Type 2 diabetes, which she blames on her “love to bake and eat her sweet creations”.  They write of many of her episodes of uncontrolled blood sugars, loosing a foot in a car accident, (what was her  blood sugar at the time of the accident?) and that thinking about her insulin was ”the last thing on her mind”!!!   Excuse me, WHAT!!  are you 62 or 2, diabetes is your life, and for  many people, your choice,  take responsibility for it.   The article reads, “About 60 percent or so of the people with Type 2 diabetes can keep side effect at bay by simply managing sugar levels, exercising and watching their weight“.   It goes on to read, “about 26 million Americans have diabetes, and two-thirds (approx 17 mill) of them are overweight or obese.  The above mentioned woman went on to ACA, it costs her less than $2 a month, thanks to a tax credit of  $574 a month, which WE are paying.   Given the choice of eating smart, moving more, and taking ownership of what you did to your health vs  being slowly ravaged by diabetes complications, I would vote for a little self-control and a lot of education.

I for one, am Type 1, I had no choice in my condition, however, I do choose to take control of it, manage it, and remain as relatively healthy as I can, even though I am learning it is not in my best interest monetarily.    I  cannot get on the group insurance plan for small business owners, (as my husband is a small business owner) because of my, (wait for it), pre-existing condition.  I know, I too though this was a thing of the past, however the agent from this small business group plan informs me he is not allowed to sign  me up on their plan.  They can take my husband, but I must be directed to the “market place” crap.   As I have shopped these ACA plans, and learned again, because I choose to work with my “disabilities”, I would get no assist with subsidies, tax breaks or hand outs, whichever they choose to call it.  My premiums and deductibles would be doubled.   My co-pays at the pharmacy have already tripled for my insulin and test strips, and this is helping me  how Mr. Prez?  The articles does go on to tout all the good programs and work-shops they are setting up,  alas the same problems will exist, how to get people to attend now, if they wouldn’t  in the past.

I am just planning ahead, testing the waters for my future, as I feel my group insurance at work may be drastically changing come August, and considering the fact that I am hardly able to continue wrestling obese patients and senior citizens around full time much longer.   Quoting a line from the article  above, “Diabetic Beware.”  a “relatively healthy person with diabetes can cost insurers  around $5,000 a year”,  but if you  let any of those long term  complications develop, then you’re talking $100,000 dollars plus.”    People, people…. given the choice of eating smart, moving more, and taking ownership of what you did to your health vs  being slowly ravaged by diabetes complications,  I would vote for a little self-control, more activity,  and a lot of education.


Relief!! Priceless!!!

Relief!! Priceless!!!!

I have, for as long as I can remember, had extremely dry skin, arms and legs, itchy upper back,  etc.   I greased-up religiously, if not more, and thought I had tried everything.  I told myself, “It is what it is” so deal with it.  Various MDs of course blamed it Diabetes,  I didn’t argue,  it gave me my excuse.  Then,  several times in one month, my acupuncturist commented on my dry legs.   Enough was enough.  I scoured the drug store for something, anything I could try different and there it was.  I had seen TV commercials for this product, especially for diabetics, so I bought one.  AWESOME to say the least.  No more dead flakes in my socks, or inside of my pant legs, even my arms look and feel better, and it lasts.   What is this miracle you ask?   It’s simply “GOLD BOND” ULTIMATE,  diabetics’  Dry Skin Relief, and it is!!!!   I found it in Walgreens, I’m sure it is in other places.  It was reasonable at $8 for one with second 1/2 price.  I’m going to back to get that deal soon.

Always Something…..

Always Something

Just after I feel proud of the way I’ve been able to handle my diabetes over these 40+ years, I find myself battling, of all things, sleep.  It has easily been a year or more of feeling exhausted, run down, foggy, and falling asleep just sitting still for a moment.  Not a big deal one might say, however, picture this at your work desk,  or in your car in a line of traffic  behind a stopped school bus,  all of a sudden horns are blowing,  you open your eyes to find the school bus blocks ahead of you.  Not very comforting.

One might say this has happened to everyone, and I will be the first to agree, however, these things were happening more and more, and not just after a long day at work, but in the morning on my way to work!!!  After what I thought was a full nights sleep.  Sound asleep from the minute my head hit the pillow until my bladder woke me in the morning.   Yes troubling.  When I mentioned it to people they would just say it happens to all of us as we get older.  Do people not realize age is not an illness!!!  But that’s another soapbox.  When brought to my internist attention, her first response is to do labs, ”it must be hypoglycemia, lets review my diet, exercise, or supplements, then tell  me I do not fit  the apnea profile.  Well guess what, I do not fit the ”diabetic” profile either but here I am.  When all the labs come back normal it is pushed away again, blaming the “highs and lows” of diabetes.  Of course, why didn’t I think of that!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a glutton for problems, but I do know when answers are needed.  I gradually stopped enjoying everything I once loved, didn’t look forward to things which usually brought me pleasure, ie; vacations, visiting family, going out after work, cooking, working out, nothing.  I was happier when my husband was away on business so I could come home from work and do nothing; no cooking, just sit, veg and fall asleep.  I was angry ALL the time, because I knew this wasn’t me, and luckily my husband knew it too.  We managed to get an overnight  Pulse Ox gadget to test my vitals while asleep.  Oh surprise,  it turns out my 02 levels (oxygen) were dropping to as low as 72% throughout the night.  Normal is 90% and over.  Needless to say now my internist was paying attention.  She felt the need to stress to me that of course “being diabetic” this was a perfect set-up for stroke or heart attack during the night.  Now the fun part…..the overnight Sleep Study at the hospital.  One would wonder how you can sleep with electrodes across your chest, wires down your pant leg, pulse ox on one hand, more electrodes wired and glued to your hair,  face and neck, and an nasal canula in your nose, but tell you what, when you have gotten so little sleep, over so long a period of time,  you fall asleep.  Even knowing the ones watching you in the control room can tell when you move your eyes!!!

Well, the nightmare told us what we knew from the simple pulse ox,  my brain was getting little oxygen during the evening, I was not going into the deepest stage of sleep, but for about 20 mins nightly and so I WAS TIRED!!!!  Months later,  no big change since I  cannot sleep with the damn mask, now I’m up all night adjusting it,

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